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Ever wonder which team made the most expensive Super Bowl ring?  Where does the Eagles ring stack up? I can tell you it’s among the priciest!

As our Philadelphia Eagles gear up for this year’s World Championship against the Kansas City Chiefs in Arizona, we’ve got the breakdown of the most expensive Super Bowl rings to date.

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  • Who pays for the rings?

    The NFL awards the championship team the first 150 rings, paying roughly $5,000 for each ring to be made. Any additional costs for customization or extra rings for staff is covered by the team owner and usually kept secret.

  • How long does it take?

    The process of designing, manufacturing and distributing Super Bowl rings takes about four months, according to Jostens, the Minnesota-based company that has crafted 35 of the 53 sets of existing rings.

  • What comes standard?

    Designs generally include the team name and logo, game score and season record and are often customized for each player with their name and number.

  • Estimated cost to create each ring:

    1 LV Tampa Bay Buccaneers $38,916.43
    2 LIII New England Patriots $24,315.24
    3 LII Philadelphia Eagles $20,960.68
    4 XLVIII Seattle Seahawks $19,154.16
    5 XLIX New England Patriots $19,064.90
    6 LIV Kansas City Chiefs $19,025.97
    7 XLVII Baltimore Ravens $17,714.96
    8 LI New England Patriots $14,928.92
    9 50 Denver Broncos $12,520.52
    10 XLVI New York Giants $11,010.89

    Breakdown of the Top 5 Most Expensive Rings:

  • 5. New England Patriots - Super Bowl XLIX

    Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Ring

    Crafted in 100 grams of 10-karat white gold, the ring has a carat weight of 5.1 and features a stone count of more than 280 diamonds, including five marquise-cut diamonds representing the franchise’s five Vince Lombardi trophies. The iconic Patriots logo is made from a custom-cut created corundum sapphire and ruby.


  • 4. Seattle Seahawks - Super Bowl XLVIII

    Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Ring

    Seattle Seahawks has the forth most expensive ring. This ring features the Seahawks logo on top made with 64 round diamonds with an emerald tsavorite gem for the eye while the Vince Lombardi Trophy has one marquise diamond. The logo and trophy set against background of 107 rounded diamonds. In total the ring is made in 14-karat white gold, with 185 diamonds, 42 blue sapphires and weights 74 grams.

  • 3. Philadelphia Eagles - Super Bowl LII

    Eagles Super Bowl LII Ring

    Third place we have the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl ring, The ring top features the Eagle head logo, set atop the Vince Lombardi Trophy with one marquise cut diamond and custom-cut, nine genuine green baguette sapphires surrounded diamonds. A large marquise-cut diamond is featured at the top of the Vince Lombardi Trophy to represent the first Super Bowl Championship in franchise history while 4 round, genuine green sapphires were placed on the corners of the base of the ring to symbolize the team’s four NFL Championships. In total, the ring is made of 10-karat white gold and features 219 diamonds and 17 genuine green sapphires with a total gem weight of 9.15 carats.

  • 2. New England Patriots - Super Bowl LIII

    Patriots Super Bowl LIII Ring

    In second place is the New England Patriots’ ring. The Patriots Super Bowl LIII Championship Ring features an average of 416 round diamonds and six marquise-cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 8.25! Each ring features 20 round, genuine 1.60 carats blue sapphires, bringing the total gem carat weight to 9.85 carats. The ring is crafted in 10-karat gold with a total weight of 87 grams.

  • 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Super Bowl LV

    Broncos Super Bowl LV Ring

    The most expensive ring to recreate belongs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their Super Bowl ring features an impressive 319 diamonds, representing the 31-9 final score in the Super Bowl, while there are two marquise cut diamonds signifying the Buccaneer’s two Super Bowl Championships. Each side features eight emerald-cut diamonds in homage to the team’s eight consecutive wins. In total, the ring contains 15 carats of white diamonds and is made of 14-karat yellow and wight gold weighing 150 grams!

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