The Andie Summers Show shares their prom stories for National Promposal Day!

Andie Summers:

My junior year I was supposed to go to the prom with a good friend. I had a bit of a crush on him, so I was so excited!

About two weeks before the prom, he had a mutual friend tell me that he wasn’t going to go.

I was devastated. And concerned for his safety as my dad was not happy with a boy making his little girl so sad.

A better friend took pity on me and took me to the prom. When he approached the front door to pick me up my dad got to the door before me, rifle in hand.

No one was going to upset his little girl again.


I had 2 girls who were my best friends in high school (basically sisters to me). I knew I wanted to go to our Cotillion (Winter Dance) with one of them and Prom with the other one. This was back in 2003 when AOL Instant Messenger was very popular. I came up with the idea that whoever signed on to AIM first would be my prom date and the other one would be my Cotillion date. They ended up signing on simultaneously so I just randomly chose one.



I was talking to a guy I really liked my senior year who refused to go to any school dances (lame, I know).  When Prom season came, he still didn’t want to go, so I decided to ask one of my guy friends from a different high school. He worked as a cashier, so my best friend and I went to his store, bought some brownies, wrote PROM? on the container and went through his line.