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Our family dog Munson communicates with us. So does his sister Olive.  Olive hits your leg when she’s hungry and barks to go out when she has to well “go”. Munson can tell you when he wants to jump up on the bed or give you a stare when he’s trying to tell you something.

All dogs use vocal communication.

  • A long, sustained howl indicates separation or loneliness.
  • A short howl with rising pitch generally signals that your dog is happy and/or excited.
  • Baying is a hunting signal and can be common in breeds who are bred to hunt.
  • A siren howl is a response to another howl.

Being in touch with you dogs way of communicating can help you have a long fruitful relationship.

Like this lady who was looking at her outfit and the dogs asks a very good question:


Our dog Munson can act like “Chewbacca” in Star Wars when wrestling with his sister Olive.