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There is video that suggests Morgan Wallen was too drunk to perform his latest concert. Here’s the info, you be the judge …

There has been a lot of speculation about Morgan Wallen’s sudden concert bail-out, and he’s taken a lot of heat for it. The story from Morgan’s camp has been that he is suffering from a throat issue and can’t sing. He not only cancelled his show in Oxford, Mississippi minutes before he was scheduled to take the stage, but he also cancelled the next several shows. Read more on that here.

At least one fan who was at the show has filed a lawsuit for breach of contract. The fan is suing Wallen for their time and expenses incurred.

Even if ticket prices are refunded, no offer has been made to reimburse concertgoers for other out-of-pocket expenses they incurred in connection with the concert cancellation, including transportation, lodging, food, merchandise sales, transaction fees and other such expenses.”

There are also many fans of other artists who have taken issue with how Wallen handled the situation. I’m talking about fans of Luke Combs and Taylor Swift. Click their names for those full stories.

We’ve also seen video of him falling down onstage during a performance in Kentucky just days before. There hasn’t been any word about Wallen injuring himself in the fall, he seems to pick himself up okay, but after watching different fan videos of the fall, there could be an argument made that he was stumbling prior to taking the tumble.

Here’s the latest …

A video has surfaced from backstage at the Oxford, Mississippi show (see it here) that shows a security guard telling someone that Wallen was falling down drunk and taken to the hospital, which is why the show was cancelled.

According to Us Weekly, the security company the man works for has since refuted his account.



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