Phillies Hype Video is Here – Are You Geared Up for Phillies Season?

Are you ready to gear up for the Phillies Home Opener this week? #XTUnation's Phillies Hype Video is here and ready to get you AMPED for this season. Also, scroll through the articles below that Jeff put together from Spring Training. One will make you cry, one will shock you, and one will make you belly-laugh! Last year was one for the record books when it comes to sports in Philadelphia, and XTUnation, you played your part well! The members of this City of Brotherly Love are epically passionate for sports and we're not afraid to share it. Win or lose, you will hear from us, and we take great pride in that. It's a Philly Thing. When the Phils made it to the World Series, XTUnation was loudest among the "Phans" to support our Boys of Summer and it carried them through. Are you amped up for this season? Are you ready to gear up for the Phillies home opener this week? Let's take that passion to the next level with XTU's Phillies Hype Video! We start this season off on a bum leg with the injury to Rhys Hoskins, but we can prevail! #YaGottaBelieve MEGA THANKS to Director Steve Jawn for his awesomeness.

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