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A new study implies that Pennsylvania drives are considered some of the best in the country.

The study by the law firm, Friend, Levinson & Turner observed each state’s fatal collisions for each individual, uninsured drivers, and DUI arrests for each individual. They also looked at each state’s internet searches. For example, “car accident lawyer” or “what to do when you get a ticket.”

The findings were then used to grade each of the fifty states on their driving skills. Number one being the state ranked with the worst drives and number fifty with the best.

New York was found to have the best drivers while New Mexico had the worst.

Here are the ten states with the worst drivers according to Friend, Levinson & Turner:

1. New Mexico
2. Arkansas (tie)
3. Alabama (tie)
4. Wyoming
5. Montana
6. Delaware
7. Louisiana
8. South Carolina
9. Tennessee (tie)
10. Missouri (tie)

Here are the states with the best:

1. New York
2. Massachusetts
3. Pennsylvania
4. Connecticut (tie)
5. Illinois (tie)
6. Virginia (tie)
7. North Carolina
8. New Jersey (tie)
9. Ohio (tie)
10. Minnesota (tie)