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Ever thought wow, these Crocs could use a heel? Well, your prayers have now been answered.

Balenciaga has collaborated with Crocs to create a unique shoe for their Spring 2022 collection.

The pumps seem to feature the typical Crocs look but with a stiletto heel. The shoes are available in black and bright green.



The release date and pricing for the footwear have yet to be announced. According to CNN, they could sell for as much as $1,000 a pair.

This is not the first time Crocs and Balenciaga have teamed up. The brands first collaborated in 2017 to create the $850 platform clogs. They were such a hit that they sold out before they were officially released, according to W Magazine.

Currently, the least expensive shoes on Balenciaga’s website are $325 and the most expensive (the 3D 110MM Pump) sell for $3,250, according to Yahoo News.


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