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The Detroit Pistons are asking draft prospects, “do you make your bed in the morning?”

Pistons coach Dwane Casey said at the Detroit Policy conference, “You think I’m crazy, but one of the first things I ask the players: “Do you make your bed in the morning?” Alright. That tells you a lot about a young man. If he makes his bed in the morning, one, he’s setting the tone for his day. He’s organized. He’s disciplined. And you’d be surprised, most all the young men that we talked to made their beds. They couldn’t start their day without making a bed. And that tells you something about their character, their organizational skills and a lot of things.”

According to NBC Sports, Casey went on to say, “One of the common traits of successful people in the country, one trait that a lot of them have is they make their beds. So, business people, make your beds in the morning and good things will come. But I truly believe in that as a leader. It’s one thing you can accomplish to start your day.”

“That number one pick, I promise you, we’ll get a good player,” continued Casey. “He’ll be a good person. He’ll make his bed in the morning. Alright, I promise you that. And he’ll make a few shots and get the Pistons back in the championship conversation.”

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