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A recent survey revealed which celebrities Americans would strongly dislike having as a neighbor.

According to a Nicki Swift survey, the celebrity that nearly 600 people in the U.S. would absolutely hate having as their neighbor is Kanye West.

The rapper placed first with 31.95% of the vote which might not come as a surprise to most people. In 2019, TMZ reported that West’s neighbors called the police because he would not obey city rules about construction on the weekends.

West’s ex wife Kim Kardashian was ranked as the second-worst celebrity neighbor with a vote of 28.15%. Supposedly Kardashian’s real neighbors were appalled by the amount of water she used during the 2015 drought. Curbed claims that a city official said, “70 percent of the district’s water is going to the lawn maintenance of about 100 manicured estates.” Kardashian’s property was apart of that grouping.

Youtube star and makeup artist James Charles came in third with a vote of 12.44%. British restauranteur and television personality Lisa Vandperpump received fourth place with a vote of 10.19%

Former Real Housewife personality Bethenny Frankel in fifth place with 8.46% of the votes and celebrity chef Rachael Ray came in last with 8.81%.

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