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Soaring gas prices had a lot of people switching to electric vehicles this year.  One of the biggest issues EV owners face is finding a place to charge up.  Let’s be honest, it’s not like you can plug in any electric outlet.  Fast-charging stations for electric vehicles are popping up all over the city but one you get into the burbs and towards the shore it can be a tad more difficult.  That is, until now.  There is a fast charging station that just opened along the Atlantic City Expressway at the Frank S. Farley Service Plaza.  EV drivers can use any of the  four 200 kW fast-charging stalls.

EVgo, the company that operates these charging stations announced the charging station at milepost 21.3 on the Atlantic City Expressway bringing their total station count to 17 EVgo-owned and operated locations across the Garden State.

The press release says, “Drivers who visit the Farley Service Plaza station can initiate a charging session by using the EVgo app, EVgo program card or by credit card.”