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Reba McEntire is having a pretty good week.  She just announced the news that she is currently dating CSI: Miami actor Rex Lynn. Supposedly they have been dating since early last year but have kept it quiet until now.

Back in January, Rex posted a picture on Instagram of him and Reba out to dinner and it seems like nobody caught on.

Also in the world of Reba… Her and Darius Rucker will host the 2020 CMA’s! The show happens on Nov. 11 in Nashville and will air on ABC.

Reba says “We’re trying to keep it upbeat and light. We as a country, we as a nation, we as a world, we need entertainment, I think people sitting at home in front of their TV screens or their computers, I think they want to see what we can deliver.”

Darius Rucker is super pumped to be hosting with Reba and he posted on Twitter about it: